• AW: Transfragmentierte

AW: Transfragmentierte was an installation by Johannes Steubl and Paul Tuttas in the neunkubikmeter gallery in Regensburg, Germany. The motifs were worked out in a dialogue by sending sketches on the topic of fragments and borders back and forth. 
        The exhibition was realised in a shopping window in the city centre of Regensburg. The drawings on the large papers overcame their boundaries and continued on a different paper of the other artist. The drawings were placed in space, sometimes overlaying each other. This lead to distortions and changes in form according to the viewing angle.

  • Project: AW: Transfragmentierte
  • Artists: Johannes Steubl, Paul Tuttas
  • Technique: mixed media on paper
  • Location: neunkubikmeter, Regensburg (DE)
  • Year: 2021

  • Between us

The theatre performance Between us. Holding emotions together. by Levin Eichert was “a joint group experience exploring gentle ways of holding emotions together, even transmitting them from one person to another. A space of intimacy and vulnerable relations is opened up through nonverbal communication.”
        My task was to collaborate with the director in developing a stage design concept. We created a textile cuboid, spanning around the audience and performers to create a safe space. Delicate light interplays, casting shadows of people, and the gentle caress of the material created an intimate atmosphere. The performers and audience alike were encouraged to fill the space with their own emotions and actions. Thus, the cuboid served as a platform where the distinction between performer and audience blurred seamlessly.

  • Project: Between us. Holding emotions together.
  • Director: Levin Eichert
  • Scenography and graphics: Paul Tuttas
  • Location: Savarin, Prague
  • Year: 2023

Pictures by Shi Yun Chien

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