• AW: Transfragmentierte

AW: Transfragmentierte was an installation by Johannes Steubl and Paul Tuttas in the neunkubikmeter gallery in Regensburg, Germany. The motifs were worked out in a dialogue by sending sketches on the topic of fragments and borders back and forth. 
        The exhibition was realised in a shopping window in the city centre of Regensburg. The drawings on the large papers overcame their boundaries and continued on a different paper of the other artist. The drawings were placed in space, sometimes overlaying each other. This lead to distortions and changes in form according to the viewing angle.

  • Project: AW: Transfragmentierte
  • Artists: Johannes Steubl, Paul Tuttas
  • Technique: mixed media on paper
  • Location: neunkubikmeter, Regensburg (DE)
  • Year: 2021

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