Grenzen / Hranice

Grenzen / Hranice (Borders) is a dialogue between the two artists Paul Tuttas and Johannes Steubl. They sent their graphics and texts on the subject of borders back and forth to each other, from Prague to Regensburg and back. Paul Tuttas chose printmaking as his technique for the dialogue woodcut, linocut, material print and more. Johannes Steubl in turn drew his pictures.
        Format and colour remain the same but the motifs and words change. Sometimes they refer abstractly and other times quite concretely to borders but they always return to the stories and landscapes of the Bavarian-Czech border region. 

Separated by borders,
connected by words and images
we search for a line,
digging through stories,
exploring landscapes.

  • The dialogue begins.
  • There and back, there and back, there and...

       — from the introduction chapter of Grenzen / Hranice

  • Year: 2023
  • Publisher: none (author’s book) 
  • Language: German, Czech 
  • Design: Paul Tuttas
  • Illustration and text: Paul Tuttas, Johannes Steubl
  • Edition: 60
  • Size: 35×22 cm
  • Pages: 68
  • Print: digital and letterpress
  • Binding: glued softcover

  • Struktur

Limewood, a cabbage leaf, packaging film and sandpaper all these materials have very different qualities. But what happens when you try to create a print with them? It is precisely this question that was the starting point for Struktur.
        The artist’s book delves into the influence of a material's structure on the printing process and the resulting graphics. The five chapters deal with other aspects too: What happens when you print the same material on different papers? What patterns are created when different materials are printed on top of each other? How high does the pressure have to be before a material breaks?

The entire book was letterpress printed on different papers in an edition of 20 numbered prints. The text is written in German with a translation into Czech at the end of the book and an index listing all the materials used.

  • Year: 2023
  • Publisher: none (artist’s book)
  • Language: German, Czech translation in the back
  • Design, text and print: Paul Tuttas 
  • Edition: 20
  • Size: 14×22 cm
  • Pages: 126
  • Print: material and letterpress
  • Binding: Japanese glued binding, soft cover

  • Spiegelungen

The Spiegelungen (Reflections) catalogue from my solo exhibition in Alt Jabel, Germany, showcases my printmaking journey spanning from 2022 to 2023. The graphics show individual impressions of different places the Baltic Sea, the Giant Mountains, the forest in Mecklenburg, and the Scottish Highlands.
         The catalogue shows all graphics from the exhibition as well as their reflections, the plates from the printing process. Additionally, the book offers a visual index, complete with work-in-progress imagery and descriptions for each showcased work.

From the exhibtion text: “Since the printmaking technique and its process are so crucial in the work of Paul Tuttas, the book not only presents the finished prints but also the very plates that birthed them, made out of wood, linoleum, and metal. Every one of them bears witness to the artist's distinct approaches, whether delicate lines are etched into zinc or rugged textures are carved with a chainsaw into the wood.”

  • Year: 2023
  • Publisher: Dat Lütt Museum, Alt Jabel  
  • Language: German
  • Layout: Paul Tuttas 
  • Edition: 100
  • Size: 13,5×21 cm
  • Pages: 80
  • Print: digital
  • Binding: glued soft cover, open spine

  • Kroky

The short story Kroky (Steps) is about a man who used to focus only on counting his steps during his daily beach walks, ignoring the beauty of nature. One day, an event occurs that shifts his perspective, leading him to truly appreciate the wind, the vibrant colors, and the vastness of the world around him.
        The illustrations were made using the stencil technique and then printed with a risograph. The book is using only images and the rythm of the pages to tell the story.

  • Year: 2022
  • Publisher: none (author’s book)
  • Language: no text (picture book)  
  • Layout and illustration: Paul Tuttas 
  • Edition: 30
  • Size: 17,5×13 cm
  • Pages: 34
  • Print: three-colour riso
  • Binding: glued butterfly binding, soft cover

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