• Anfänge / Počátky

The comic Anfänge / Počátky serves as an introduction to the early history of Pavlův Studenec (formerly Paulusbrunn), a Sudeten village located in present-day Czech Republic. It pictures both major and minor milestones in the development of this German-speaking community, spanning the period from approximately 1500 to 1800.
          My comic is the first of many inside the publication Spurensuche im Böhmischen Wald / Stopy minulosti Českého lesa (Tracing the Steps in the Bohemian Forest). Twelve contemporary artists, six German and six Czech, were invited to each illustrate a segment of the history of Paulusbrunn, which was destroyed after World War Two.

    • Project: Anfänge / Počátky
    • Year: 2022
    • Published in: Spurensuche im Böhmischen Wald / Stopy minulosti Českého lesa 
    • Publisher: Via Carolina — Goldene Straße e. V.
    • Size: two A4 pages
    • Technique: linocut

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